Thursday, May 24th, 2018


Cause of the Month

Hunger – Cause of the Month May 2018

Hunger – A person might live without actual food for up to six weeks. Domestically and overseas, there are individuals who are physically hungry for food and water. Many others have a spiritual hunger. We encourage Christians to do their part in obeying God’s call to embrace a lifestyle of service to help others. Kosmos® is committed to helping those organizations who help feed the hungry. Feed... [Read more]

What is Kosmos?

Kosmos® is a not-for-profit coffee shop committed to “… changing the world one cup at a time.” We seek to provide great coffee in the context of community -- with all the profits benefiting humanitarian organizations both locally and globally.
Kosmos® is dedicated to championing causes that represent some of the greatest needs in our world today including poverty, human trafficking, fresh water, homelessness and disease. Every month a different cause is supported with local and global organizations benefiting from the profits of that month.
Kosmos® is open 7 days a week, featuring all your favorite drinks including teas, frozen drinks, smoothies and the best espresso in town. You’ll also want to sample our mouth-watering selection of pastries while you read about the many causes and organizations impacted by your patronage.