Monday, August 31st, 2015

Cause of the Month

Poverty– Cause of the Month August 2015 Poverty– Cause of the Month August 2015

 The name Korah means “cursed” – a true description of this area in Ethiopia. Korah is full of individuals faced with leprosy, HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows – and children who are forced to scavenge the garbage dumps for the ‘freshest’ garbage in order to survive. Caring for Korah is a ministry that exists to love and serve the poor in Korah Ethiopia. In an area consumed with poverty... [Read more]

What is Kosmos?

Kosmos® is a not-for-profit coffee shop committed to “… changing the world one cup at a time.” We seek to provide great coffee in the context of community -- with all the profits benefiting humanitarian organizations both locally and globally.
Kosmos® is dedicated to championing causes that represent some of the greatest needs in our world today including poverty, human trafficking, fresh water, homelessness and disease. Every month a different cause is supported with local and global organizations benefiting from the profits of that month.
Kosmos® is open 7 days a week, featuring all your favorite drinks including teas, frozen drinks, smoothies and the best espresso in town. You’ll also want to sample our mouth-watering selection of pastries while you read about the many causes and organizations impacted by your patronage.