Friday, September 22nd, 2017


Cause of the Month

Disaster Relief – Cause of the Month September 2017

Disaster-Every month the opportunities are different, and yet the same because they are about the basic needs of life, clean water, food, shelter, and healthcare. We come alongside ministries, both local and global that are sharing the transforming love of God through good deeds that build goodwill, allowing them to share the Good News. There are times when all those needs rise to the surface in one... [Read more]

What is Kosmos?

Kosmos® is a not-for-profit coffee shop committed to “… changing the world one cup at a time.” We seek to provide great coffee in the context of community -- with all the profits benefiting humanitarian organizations both locally and globally.
Kosmos® is dedicated to championing causes that represent some of the greatest needs in our world today including poverty, human trafficking, fresh water, homelessness and disease. Every month a different cause is supported with local and global organizations benefiting from the profits of that month.
Kosmos® is open 7 days a week, featuring all your favorite drinks including teas, frozen drinks, smoothies and the best espresso in town. You’ll also want to sample our mouth-watering selection of pastries while you read about the many causes and organizations impacted by your patronage.