Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Disaster – Cause of the Month April 2020: Katy Responds


Disaster – Every month the opportunities are different, yet the same, because they are about the basic needs of life, clean water, food, shelter, and healthcare. We come alongside ministries, both local and global, that are sharing the transforming love of God through good deeds that build goodwill, allowing them to share the Good News. There are times when all those needs rise to the surface in one event such as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire or other disaster that brings great suffering and need. It is at times like these that God’s generosity is most evident through His people.

Katy Responds was created after Hurricane Harvey. After working to rebuild our community from the devastation, we realized that it was not a short term project. Katy Responds was created in 2018 to restore homes, hearts and bring hope to those in need. The importance of working alongside the city, county and federal governments in order to plan a response for the next ‘disaster’ was realized. Though Katy Responds was formed as a result of Hurricane Harvey, we continue to work, plan and prepare for the next unknown storm to impact our community.

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