Monday, October 25th, 2021

Human Life – Cause of the Month, Jan 2012


human-life-thumbHuman Life- To be, you have to be alive. From conception to a natural death life is a cause, to borrow a phrase life is “worth living for”.  Around the world the leading cause of death is not poor medical care, lack of water or lack of education  but the intentional ending of God-given life. On the front end it’s through abortion. On the back end it’s through euthanasia. We support those who are giving their lives to see that a culture of life thrives.


LIFE International – We are an evangelical Christian organization that multiplies healthy life-giving ministries wherever abortion is provided worldwide. The primary purpose of these ministries is to see people come to new life in Christ and pre-born lives saved from abortion.


The Pregnancy Help Center affirms life by meeting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of anyone affected by an unplanned pregnancy. The Pregnancy Help Center will be the leading Christ- centered resource for unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion counseling and sexual health education in the Greater West Houston area.

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