Monday, October 25th, 2021

Human Life– Cause of the Month June 2015


hope_unlimited_thumbHuman Life – To be, you have to be alive. From conception to a natural death, life    is a cause, to borrow a phrase “worth living for.” Around the world, the leading cause of death is not poor medical care, lack of water, lack of education, but the intentional ending of God given life. On the front end, it’s through abortion. On the back end, it’s through euthanasia. At Kosmos®, we support those who are giving their lives to see that a culture of life thrives.

Eyes once dim with fear become bright with promise. Children live as children for the first time in their lives. Hope grows in a heart that had only known despair. At Hope Unlimited, we take seriously the call to care for the “least of these.” We minister to the physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of some of the world’s most desperate kids — the street children of Brazil. Our award-winning residential programs  provide transformational care while equipping these children to live successful, productive lives as adult members of society.

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