Monday, October 25th, 2021

Hunger – Cause of the Month May 2018


Hunger – A person might live without actual food for up to six weeks. Domestically and overseas, there are individuals who are physically hungry for food and water. Many others have a spiritual hunger. We encourage Christians to do their part in obeying God’s call to embrace a lifestyle of service to help others. Kosmos® is committed to helping those organizations who help feed the hungry.

Feed The Hunger is an evangelical mission organization that connects followers of Christ with strategic leaders domestically and overseas to help fulfill the Great Commission to meet the spiritual and physical hunger in the needy and lost.

This organization equips these leaders to feed spiritual hunger with tools like Bibles, community centers, church building and micro-enterprise projects.

Physical hunger is met through the provision of nutritious food, clean water, and emergency aid and relief. You also have a hunger in your heart to make a difference in peoples’ lives to make a difference in eternity. You can impact the lives of the hungry here in America and around the world.

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