Monday, October 25th, 2021

Poverty – Cause of the Month December 2016


Korah_thumbPoverty is a state of lacking the necessities for survival that many of us take for granted. In its most extreme conditions men, women and children are suffering and at mortal risk due to lack of food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and education. As Christians, we are concerned about all forms of suffering, oppression and poverty. We encourage Christians everywhere to do their part in obeying God’s call to embrace a lifestyle of sacrifice and service in every area of their lives, whether for the local or global poor.

The name Korah means “cursed” – a true description of this area in Ethiopia. Korah is full of individuals faced with leprosy, HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows – and children who are forced to scavenge the garbage dumps for the ‘freshest’ garbage in order to survive.

Caring for Korah is a ministry that exists to love and serve the poor in Korah Ethiopia. In an area consumed with poverty and hopelessness,   our prayer is for the people of Korah to find their value in Christ, not their circumstances.  Through child sponsorship, we keep families together and provide children the opportunity to have an education, access to medical care, proper nutrition, and most importantly learn about Jesus Christ and His love for them.

To learn more about Caring For Korah, visit

Donations accepted locally:   Kurt and Suzanne Box, 20315 Memorial Pass, Katy, Texas 77450


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